Know our mission and goals!


follow me talk is an independent telecommunications retailer based in the UK with operations in Kenya. We are revolutionising how people communicate by offering low cost calls and SMS to anyone on our network, a free chat service on our app and smartphone financing over a 6-month period with an initial deposit of 50%.


follow me talk works with all the major phone brands such as Samsung, Apple, Tecno, Oppo and Infinix. We are also proud to be part of the Samsung+ Africa program and a member of the British Chambers of Commerce Kenya.


Launched in 2017, in 36 short months we’ve grown from a small, independent retailer to a one stop shop finance boutique. Our core operations are supported by an efficient fintech network handling credit checks, financing devices, collections, debt recovery and the complete value chain of sourcing and selling devices. In the summer of 2020 we also launched our highly anticipated MVNO for our loyal followers. 


50million people reside in Kenya and our target demographic is the aspirational customer, as evidenced by our tagline #WECANUPGRADEYOU.



Our mission is to empower millions of Kenyans to own a smartphone by providing greater financial affordability and accessibility while creating social inclusion by 2025.



To be the Number #1 smartphone financing and telecoms company in Kenya, generating sales in excess of $1billion.